Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect and MySpace Data Availability

All three announcements of MySpace’s Data Availability, Facebook’s Connect and Google’s Friend Connect seem to have the same fundamental strategy.

They are all keeping theire member’s data on their servers, while sending out notifications to as many sites as they can. These notifications may be widgets, apps, feeds, iframes – but its all the same strategy.

Davin Morin gave the first official statement about Facebook Connect in his blog post Announcing Facebook Connect on 9 My 2008.

Google Friend Connect Homepage shows a introduction video. The key features are a user can associate their OpenID with his account on a 3rd party site, combined with his OpenID friends and showing the user’s activity on the 3rd party site and/or broadcast in his friend’s news feeds (all without Facebook).

Mike Arrington’s TechCrunch post entitled MySpace Embraces DataPortability, Partners with Yahoo, Ebay and Twitter on 8 May 2008 gave some development notes on MySpace activities. But there were no details on an upcoming MySpace API like GData/OpenSocial and Facebook REST API)

By the way, Facebook has banned Google from interacting with their user date using Google Friend Connect. Read in Facebook Blog by Charlie Cheever’s Thoughts on Privacy on 15 May 2008.

What about interoperability?

The idea of social network interoperability isn’t visible in today’s Facebooks and MySpaces ot the world. They are still fundamentally data silos when it comes to the social graph.

It would be great if we can change that.

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