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interesting web projects around the world

There are a lot of interesting web projects growing around the world, outside US and Europe. Barcamp Vietnam was the first event in Saigon, showing activities from Vietnam to Singapore as well as Cambodia. Another presentation from Barcamp Bangkok show

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credit crisis slide contest

Slideshare is doing a context to “credit crisis in 30 slides“. One of my favorite one is here: Credit Crisis to Collaborative Capitalism View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: internet collaboration)

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Building better web and mobile applications

The mobile Web is having its time in the limelight. There are mobile applications with us for quite some time. You can send text messages to check your remaining prepaid minutes, you can send Twitter messages from mobile or can

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OpenId for the mass and what about privacy?

End of October Microsoft announced they would be supporting OpenID with Microsoft Live. Google followed with its own announcement, that Google accounts would serve as OpenID accounts. We know, Yahoo has supported OpenID for a while now, anyone using Gmail,

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