NOSQL introduction

Just got a question to a good introduction or tutorial of NoSQL.

The answer is not as easy as there are not as detailed documentation as for other technologies.

Do you search for BigTable documentation or for opensource-alternatives?

HBase is a near-clone of Google’s BigTable.
Cassandra is more a BigTable/Dynamo hybrid.

A nice introduction i can remember was Ricky Ho’s NOSQL Patterns from Nov. 2009 [1].

Of course there is the common overview, you know yet:
– Ian Varley’s master thesis from 08/2009 [2]
– some Cassandra slides from 2009 [3]
– a slideshare presentation on “Key-Value stores: a practical overview” by Marc Seeger (Stuttgart 2009) [4]

Maybe some coding examples [6] help or
stumble through the Casandra homepage [7].

If you prefer learn by doing, have a look on this cool Casandra tutorial of Evan Weaver from Twitter [5].

[1] Ricky Ho’s NOSQL Patterns Nov. 2009
[2] Varlay Master Thesis Aug. 2009
[3] Some Cassandra slides 2009
[4] Key-Value Stores – a practical overview by Marc Seeger 2009
[5] The Cassandra Tuturial by Evan Weaver July 2009

[6] Cassandra Client Examples
[7] Cassandra Getting Started

Hope this help.


I forget to mention this helpful tutorial on database modeling with Casandra
“WTF is a SuperColumn? An Intro to the Cassandra Data Model” [8] by Digg’s Arin Sarkissian.

[8] WTF is a SuperColumn? An Intro to the Cassandra Data Model Sep. 2009

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5 comments on “NOSQL introduction
  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by ThomasK, ThomasK. ThomasK said: a short list to #nosql introduction and turials (#cassandra #hbase) […]

  2. Marc Seeger says:

    If you happen to read my paper on key value stores: be sure to look at MongoDB too! MongoDB didn’t make the cut to get in the paper, but it’s my favorite “nosql store” these days 🙂

  3. Alex Popescu says:

    I’d say that learning about NoSQL is more of an ongoing process than something that can be learned through a presentation. For this ongoing approach I’d suggest (it is a biased suggestion) becoming a reader of MyNoSQL ( which covers the most important aspects of the major NoSQL projects and follows closely all things related to NoSQL ecosystem.

  4. Rauchi says:

    Hi Thomas,

    wollt och mal wat schreiben. So, hab ick hiermit jetan.
    Press the magic button – um och wat uff ausländisch jeschrieben zu haben.


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